About Me

I'm a North Carolina-based voiceover artist, passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle.


I grew up in southern Ontario, Canada and spent years in software, training, customer services and sales, eventually transferring to the US with my job.


When I made the leap into the amazing world of voiceover, I launched Marian Erikson Voiceovers, voicing business and explainer videos, commercials, e-learning courses and telephone systems. 

When I became vegan in mid-2019, I wanted to do my part to help animals, the earth and human health. The plant-based revolution was in full swing, so I decided to use my talents to create a niche voiceover business to work with like-minded companies. Plant-Powered Voiceover was born!

I'm passionate about a plant-based lifestyle! I want to be your voice and share your stories. Getting your plant-based, eco-friendly message across is as important to me as it is to you!

My Plant-Based Journey

I had been vegetarian since 1999, after seeing one too many transport trucks on the highway in southern Ontario jam-packed with chickens heading to their deaths. While I had decided to not eat animals any more, I avoided animal welfare films and information - it was too difficult for me to think about. I continued to eat dairy and eggs simply because I'd chosen to not educate myself about those industries. In my ignorance, I thought there was no harm done to those animals, especially since I bought "certified humane" and organic products, and fresh eggs from someone with backyard chickens.


As passionate as I am about animals and the environment, it was actually health that opened my eyes. Immediately after reading "The Whole Foods Diet" by John Mackey and Doctors Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman in 2019, I went fully plant-based. 

My kids had been raised vegetarian since birth and my husband ate vegetarian at home but was an omnivore outside of home. I used to eat eggs and cheese almost daily, and said I could never give them up. But once I learned what I now know about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and the horrors of our treatment of non-human animals, it was totally easy. I don't even desire those foods any more ... in fact, the thought of them saddens and repulses me. It's easy to pass on the pus in dairy products, especially after seeing the horrors of the dairy industry. The only thing I regret is that I didn't educate myself sooner.


The biggest challenge for me was learning what to cook. Meal Planners were a huge help! I've used various meal planners, including the one in the Whole Foods Diet book, and several online meal plans: Forks Over Knives, Plant-Strong Engine2, Rich Roll's Meal Plan and Clean Food Dirty Girl. I've amassed countless recipes and we are enjoying eating a much larger variety of foods now, and more delicious foods, than we ever did. 


When our family went plant-based, I immersed myself in learning ... reading books, researching online, listening to hundreds of podcasts, and watching documentaries. I learned how important plant-based eating is not only to our health, and to animal welfare, but to the planet. The more I learned, the more my eyes were opened to other aspects of healthy, compassionate and sustainable living - becoming aware of fast-fashion and plastics pollution, for example.

This is a lifestyle, and my family and I continue to learn and grow. We strive to do what we can to improve our health, the planet and the rights of animals. We have solar panels on our home, a year-round vegetable garden, and focus our spending on vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable companies. It's a journey, and we are enjoying every step!

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